WALLIX is a cybersecurity software company which enables organisations to protect and secure their critical IT assets including data, servers, terminals and connected devices. Privileged Access Management (or PAM) is a suite of integrated technologies designed to mitigate the inherent risks associated with the privileged user accounts of administrators and super-users.

Why use IP Performance for WALLIX?

IP Performance are fully certified and accredited in the Wallix solution set, and are the first and only UK partner certified as a Managed Security Services Partner (MSSP), delivering the functionality as a Cloud service.

We recommend and support the following WALLIX products

  • WALLIX – Privileged user access

    A modern business needs to protect itself from threats that exist both inside and outside its walls. Access security gives businesses the tools they need to see exactly who is accessing their resources, and then control those users’ privilege levels. Three processes are key to this: identification, authentication, and authorization.

    WALLIX protects identities and access to IT infrastructure, applications, and data. Specialising in Privileged Access Management, WALLIX solutions ensure compliance with the latest IT security standards and protect against cyber-attacks, theft and data leaks linked to stolen credentials and elevated privileges to sensitive company assets.

    The Zero Trust model and the principle of Least Privilege are two concepts that are vital to strong access security. There are a number of specific systems that businesses can employ to apply these concepts across their IT infrastructure: Identity Management, Privileged Access Management, and Endpoint Privilege Management.

    The WALLIX Session Manager offers IT leaders a powerful solution to manage, control and audit access to network assets with strong security posture ensuring that only the right person has access to the right IT resources.

    The WALLIX Password Manager enables IT leaders to easily control and manage their passwords, secrets and credentials. It operates with the WALLIX vault or integrates with third-party vaults to protect and enhance existing investments.

    The WALLIX Access Manager offers advanced multi-Bastion Global Search capabilities for privileged session forensic analysis and can distinguish tenants spanning across several Bastion instances, for a global multi-tenant Privileged Access Management architecture.

    Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management offers Least Privilege control over access rights to your most sensitive IT resources. Eliminate overprivileged users and minimize security risks without impeding your teams’ productivity.

    The WALLIX Application-to-Application Password Manager enables DevOps to access critical resources without ever knowing the credentials. All secrets are safely stored and AAPM enables completely secure access for DevOps tools or robots for unrivalled security and control and unimpacted productivity.