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Swarm-SecOps is a managed cyber security service provided by IP Performance. It is a combination of integrated tools and our experienced security analysts, remotely and continuously monitoring your defences and alerting you to significant issues.

Creating and maintaining a security environment capable of monitoring and detecting cyber threats has become essential to all types of organisations and in certain sectors it is a mandatory requirement.

The responsibility for 24/7 monitoring typically sits with an already resource-challenged IT or Network Team. Keeping up to date with the latest attacks, hunting for threats and tuning the system is not only complex and requires skills not often found in-house, but it is time-consuming and requires more than one member of staff to address it effectively.

We have witnessed solutions implemented and subsequently abandoned due to the significant management requirement being under-estimated or even over-looked entirely.

Working with your teams, our Swarm-SecOps service addresses these issues. We use a tried and tested technology stack to collect and analyse data which allows us to detect and respond or alert you to threats within your environment.

  1. Sensor Nodes are deployed to collect data from the network.
  2. Beeats Agents are installed on hosts to capture operating system and application logs.
  3. Logs are also collected from third-party appliances directly.
  4. Analysis Nodes ingest the data. Once received, the data is normalised, enriched and stored. We ensure the data received is of high quality and is stored using a common schema to make using the data much simpler. If data sources are missing that would be required during an investigation, we seek these out and add them.
  5. Our Swarm-SecOps team tunes the system, gains context and provides advice to the customer’s internal team.
  6. The Queen manages the swarm, controlling the actions of the Sensor Nodes, Analysis Nodes and Agents.
  • IP Performance enabled us to trial the system in a test environment and then between Dubai and Edinburgh. They provided us with full support and fast response to any problems.

    Gavin Wilson, Systems Development Manager,
    Heriot Watt University