Tuesday 6th July 2021

Upcoming webinar – Securing OT in critical infrastructures with WALLIX

Join our technology partner WALLIX on Wednesday 7th July at 2pm and learn how to secure Operational Technology in critical (and national) infrastructures, followed by a live demonstration and Q&A session.

Reserve your place below: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1089383342196108557?source=ipperformance

“The latest Colonial Pipeline attack has proven it again : it’s not if, it’s when. Critical infrastructure organizations have become the new target of choice for hackers and are under the constant threat of cyberattacks.

As modern information systems, mixed legacy and modern operational technology meet, advanced cybersecurity is needed to protect systems, equipment, and data from human error or malicious activity and reduce the surface of attack.

During this webinar, we will present how WALLIX simplified security solutions will protect your data and equipment, no matter your system, with a special focus on remote access to OT equipment such as PLCs, Engineering stations and others.

Register below and join us to discover WALLIX approach to OT cybersecurity followed by a live demo and a Q&A session.”


If you’re unable to attend and/or would like learn more about WALLIX, OT or securing CNI, please complete the below and our expert team will be in touch:

  • ‘We are really happy with the Juniper Mist solution provided by IP Performance and in fact when you look at the number of daily connections I would say it’s exceeded our expectations, for example in our Coatbridge campus the feedback from all staff and students for a number of years has been really negative regarding the Wifi but right now we currently have 600 users connected. The ability to look at the monitor and see what the trends are in terms of time-to-connect and successful connections also gives us the ability to see a problem before it impacts on a number of users. Therefore this reduces the amount of Wifi issues that are submitted to our helpdesk, so this again shows that the solution works.’

    Joe Livingstone ICT Manager (Network),
    New College Lanarkshire