Tuesday 15th June 2021

SC Annual Digital Congress 2021

Over the last 12 months cybersecurity has become one of the top boardroom priorities. The pandemic and a home-based workforce has provided the opportunity for businesses to recognise the value of IT and the vital role of cybersecurity teams. As we move forward to hybrid working this will only continue to grow as businesses are reminded that whilst not revenue generating, cybersecurity is revenue protecting and securing function crucial for every business.

Previously a live event, the SC Annual Congress has been transformed to the SC Annual Digital Congress. A virtual event that provides delegates with the opportunity to connect with a broader pool of experts, engage better with insights from senior industry leaders and innovators, as well as giving you the opportunity to tailor the agenda to you and your business’ needs.

Our CISO Phil Cracknell will be presenting a hot topic for all businesses on the second day –   “Cyber Breach Response: Building Your Playbook!”

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The SC Media Annual Digital Congress is being held this year on 23rd and 24th June

  • ‘My honest opinion regarding IP Performance is that it’s all extremely positive, thanks again for your efforts, really appreciated and a great service’

    Alex Israel, Senior Infrastructure Architect,
    University of Plymouth