Assume Breach – Northern WARP Conference

Friday 2nd July 2021

Our Senior Network Engineer Duncan Ross will be presenting at the Northern WARP Conference on Friday 2nd of July at 15:30.

Duncan will be giving a presentation on the Assume Breach Stratgery and how IP Performance have helped their customer with this approach to Cyber Security.

So what does Assume Breach mean?

It doesn’t mean we stop trying to prevent breaches but simply means that despite the confidence we have in our defensive protections, we assume adversaries can and will find a way to penetrate security defences.

This stratergy allows defences to be seen from an attacker’s point of view and includes tests to discover and fix vulnerabilities. By taking the ‘Assume Breach’ approach, organisations are proactively putting in place technical capabilities and softer processes to ensure they can react quickly and efficiently during a cyber incident.

The stratergy is made up of 3 core pillars War Games, Centralised logging and Monitoring and Penetration Testing.

  • Throughout our business dealings with IP Performance, their expertise, professionalism and “can do” attitude continue to ensure we have the systems we need, when we need them.

    Matt Williams - IT Business Delivery Manager,
    UK Bus, FirstGroup PLC