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Appliance Virtualisation

To host a reliable, fault-tolerant service, it's essential to run redundant servers for failover. However, many organisations who do this find that the duplication of servers results in a proliferation of underutilised machines, with associated costs and management overhead.

Server utilisation of less than 5% can be common. Clearly, this is an inefficient use of resources, including hardware costs, power and cooling costs, rackspace, etc.

Organisations are turning to virtualisation technology to solve this problem, and VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 technology is the most mature and widely deployed solution.

A virtual appliance is a fully pre-installed and pre-configured application and OS environment that runs in a virtual machine. Virtual Appliances can be easily deployed on VMware ESX server and Windows Server 2005 R2.

In order to realize the full benefits for organisations that are standardising on VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager (Brocade VTM) is the ideal solution to their load balancing and traffic management needs. By using Brocade VTM, organisations can:

  • Avoid the expense of additional datacenter space for physical appliances
  • Use existing computer resources rather than purchase proprietary physical appliances
  • Contain the power and cooling costs

Brocade VTM is the only traffic management solution available as a virtual appliance. Brocade VTM is available with either traffic management software, or load balancing software.

"IP Performance enabled us to trial the system in a test environment and then between Dubai and Edinburgh. They provided us with full support and fast response to any problems."

Gavin Wilson, Systems Development Manager, Heriot Watt University

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