Symantec – CASB


The Symantec portfolio represents the cyber security industry’s only end-to-end solution set. Solutions include secure web gateways with filtering and malware analysis, AV and malware protection, proxy caching devices, email security, SSL visibility, DLP, sandboxing, CASB and security analytics.

The Symantec CASB solution is called Elastica CloudSOC, and comprises various functional modules: Audit (check and identify risky cloud applications), Detect (user behaviour and other metrics), Protect (restrict user actions via policies), and Investigate (monitor activity in cloud applications. It is a non-intrusive API-centric CASB which uses a direct API to the cloud services. Full reporting is supported, identifying Shadow IT (cloud application usage), offering trusted alternatives where necessary, and Shadow Data (user interactions), giving threat score analysis for each.

IP Performance offer a free CASB audit, with detailed reporting, so that customers can test drive the service before deciding whether to subscribe.

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