PenTera (formerly Pcysys)

Pentera, from Pcysys, continuously conducts ethical exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to deliver prioritized threat-based weaknesses based on real pen-testing achievements. Pentera gives you your own Red-Team in a box, using the same techniques an attacker would in your business. The research team at Pcysys are continuously researching and updating the toolset in Pentera, to make sure that you are testing with the most up-to-date exploits available. These exploits are being built with a “safety first” mentality, so all exploits and techniques have been thoroughly tested on a wide scope of device to ensure no disruption to your business during testing.

We recommend and support the following PenTera (formerly Pcysys) products

  • Pcysys – PenTera (Automated) Penetration testing software

    Manual penetration testing has historically been deemed the industry standard for how secure your business is. However, your business is continuously changing, new devices, new software, new users. Manual penetration testing cannot hope to keep up with this rate of change which it needs to do in order to keep the result relevant and accurate to your business as it is today. This is where Automated Penetration testing comes in. It allows you to conduct Penetration Test at a click of a button at any time, providing you with actionable information that will continue to be relevant to your business.