Security Automation & Orchestration

Network or Network Security Orchestration is based on the automation of systems deploying elements of control theory.

Orchestration is a service-oriented architecture, providing virtualisation, automation and provisioning on a converged infrastructure and optimise dynamic Datacentre operations. Its purpose is to align the business requirements with the applications, data, and infrastructure securely. It defines the policies and service levels through automated workflows (via RESTful APIs), provisioning, change management and remediation (blocking ports, suspending accounts, redirecting traffic etc). A Security Automation & Orchestration platform should have clear visibility of E-W (lateral, internal) as well as N-S (data entering and leaving the network) traffic, and the ability to provide Command and Control (C&C) and GeoIP feeds, malware identification and remediation, and infected host tracking.

  • LogRhythm – Security Automation & Orchestration

    by Private: LogRhythm

    LogRhythm provides a fully-integrated, enterprise-class security analytics, log management, log analysis and event management solution that empowers organisations to comply with regulations, secure networks and optimise IT operations. By automating the collection, organisation, analysis, archival and recovery of all log data, LogRhythm enables enterprises to comply with log data retention regulations while gaining valuable insights into security, availability, performance and audit issues within their infrastructure.

    LogRhythm’s SmartResponse security automation and orchestration capabilities increase analyst efficiency to support the entire threat investigation, through full remediation and recovery. These efficiencies empower your team to more effectively respond to and remediate cyber threats.

  • Juniper Networks – Security Automation & Orchestration

    by Juniper Networks

    Juniper Networks are relied upon by service providers, enterprises, governments, and research and education institutions worldwide to deliver products for building networks tailored to the individual needs of their users, services and applications. Juniper’s routing, switching and security products run the modular, single-train Juniper Networks JUNOS™ Operating System software, offering advanced performance, services and security at no additional charge.

    Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) platform leverages the entire network, not just perimeter firewalls, as a threat detection and security enforcement domain. The Policy Enforcer component of Junos Space Security Director provides the ability to orchestrate policies created by Juniper’s Sky Advanced Threat Prevention cloud-based malware detection solution and distributes them to Juniper switches and firewalls.

  • “IP Performance have worked as a trusted networking and cyber security partner with SCCB for many years. I highly recommend IP Performance. The team are highly responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Their networking and security solutions provided to us are well designed to meet our specific needs and the pricing is always very competitive. I have full trust in IP Performance to help us keep our IT systems at SCCB resilient, efficient, and secure.”

    Dave Birks, IT Services,
    South and City College Birmingham