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Mobile Device Management (MDM) ensures employees stay productive and do not breach corporate policies. MDM primarily secures emails and corporate documents on devices, enforcing corporate policies, integrating and managing corporate-owned mobile assets including laptops tablets and mobile phones. MDM implementations may be either on-premises or cloud-based.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is less a technology than a business policy or strategy, allowing employees, contractors and visitors to connect their personal devices to the corporate network, wired or wirelessly. This poses various security risks and privacy issues. For example, technologies exist to carry out host integrity checking, policy compliance and patch management, but imposing these on a privately-owned, non-corporate owned device is problematic. A typical solution to non-compliant devices is to redirect them to a captive portal, offering Internet access and limited (or no) corporate resources.

  • Ruckus – Cloudpath

    by Ruckus

    An on-site or cloud-hosted security and device enablement (onboarding) application.

    Cloudpath secure device access software allows customers to securely and easily connect any user and any device on any network, including guest Wi-Fi and BYOD. The Ruckus IoT Suite simplifies enterprise IoT deployments with a converged IoT access network for Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE, LoRA and more.

  • Fortinet – Mobility/BYOD

    by Fortinet

    Fortinet produce high performance network security products and services spanning unified threat management (UTM), next-generation firewall (NGFW), advanced threat protection (ATP), VPNs, Application Controllers, Anti-malware, Intrusion Prevention, Web Filtering, Vulnerability Management, Anti-Spam, WLAN, Data Centre switches, and WAN Acceleration. Fortinet recently acquired Meru Networks, a leading WiFi vendor the best performing gigabit Wi-Fi performance in the Industry.

    Fortinet delivers three offerings designed to address different WLAN BYOD and MDM requirements: An integrated appliance combining switching, WLAN control, and security services ; a more traditional WLAN controller solution designed to support secure high-density and high-mobility environments; and finally a cloud-managed wireless solution providing the simplest deployment option, yet still maintaining the highest level of security.

  • EfficientIP – Mobility/BYOD

    by Efficient IP

    EfficientIP provide hardware & software appliances to manage IP addressing schemas and to deliver DNS/DHCP services in a fully integrated solutionn. EfficientIP brings a new approach to managing IPAM, DNS and DHCP services at the architecture level with Plug-and-Play technologies to deliver secured and highly available services. Unlike products from most competitors, multiple services can all be run on a single unit. SOLIDserverâ„¢ is the cornerstone of DNS-DHCP-IPAM projects for Datacenter, Internet DNS, LAN infrastructures, cloud computing and for any IT organisation dealing with the challenges of a dynamic infrastructure: IPv6, BYOD, MDM, DNS security (DNSSEC) and virtualisation.

  • Bluecat – Mobility/BYOD

    by BlueCat

    BlueCat Networks is an industry-leading provider of IPAM solutions. BlueCat supports integration of DNS and DHCP services, as well as overlay support for Microsoft DNS/DHCP services via its Address Manager appliances. Products are available as virtual or physical appliances, and can also be run on existing network infrastructure, including the Citrix NetScaler SDX ADP, and routers from Cisco and HP.The growing adoption of cloud, MDM and BYOD is placing a heavy demand on the network and core services like DNS and DHCP. BYOD registration must be tightly integrated with DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management.

  • Aerohive – Mobility/BYOD

    by Private: Aerohive

    Aerohive are a US-based wireless vendor who have developed a controller-less wireless LAN architecture called Cooperative Control, which provides all the performance, availability, management, mobility, and security needed in large campus scenarios, and which, with the elimination of controllers in the deployment, is ideally suited even in small branch office and warehouse deployments.

    With a deep understanding of applications and network services at the edge of the network, Aerohive’s Mobility Platform prioritises, restricts, and prohibits traffic types based on user or device identity, and ensures that BYOD focuses on productivity

  • “IP Performance have worked as a trusted networking and cyber security partner with SCCB for many years. I highly recommend IP Performance. The team are highly responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Their networking and security solutions provided to us are well designed to meet our specific needs and the pricing is always very competitive. I have full trust in IP Performance to help us keep our IT systems at SCCB resilient, efficient, and secure.”

    Dave Birks, IT Services,
    South and City College Birmingham