Compliance Enforcement

In networking terms, compliance enforcement is the process of ensuring compliance with legislation, regulations, governance, standards and internal policies. Many network devices and software have the ability to detect and inspect network traffic, match it against policy rules, and either allow, deny (drop) or forward to another system for further analysis. This is particularly critical with new and possibly disruptive regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in the very near future.

  • Symantec – Compliance enforcement

    by Symantec

    The Symantec portfolio represents the cyber security industry’s only end-to-end solution set. Solutions include secure web gateways with filtering and malware analysis, AV and malware protection, proxy caching devices, email security, SSL visibility, DLP, sandboxing, CASB and security analytics.

    Symantec products that can effect compliance enforcement include Elastica CloudSOC CASBSSL Visibility ApplianceNetwork Access ControlEnterprise Security ManagerEnforcement AgentDLP, and others.

  • LogRhythm – Compliance Enforcement

    by Private: LogRhythm

    LogRhythm provide a fully-integrated, enterprise-class security analytics, log management, log analysis and event management solution that empowers organisations to comply with regulations, secure networks and optimise IT operations.

    By automating the collection, organisation, analysis, archival and recovery of all log data, LogRhythm enables enterprises to comply with log data retention regulations and enforce them while gaining valuable insights into security, availability, performance and audit issues within their infrastructure.

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