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News > Press Release: 3e-Houses European Energy Efficiency Partnership

(This item was first published on the website on October 26, 2011)





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IP Performance in European Energy Efficiency Partnership

Long Ashton, Bristol — October 26, 2011: IP Performance are a member of a European consortium delivering a project (part-funded by the EC) to build sustainable homes. The aim of the project, called 3e-houses, is to reduce energy consumption in social housing through the use of information and communication technologies to allow homes to save energy, shift consumption from peak to off-peak hours and reduce CO2 emissions.

The fundamental principle underpinning the project is that you can only control what you can easily see. Therefore, through the innovative use of modern technology, 3e-houses aims to promote energy saving by helping consumers to identify their energy consumption behaviour.

The project began back in 2010 in Spain and Germany and is due to be replicated in Bulgaria and in the UK in 2012. As such, the UK partners are currently gearing up for their installation and in preparation, have recently visited the pilot sites in Leipzig and Barcelona to monitor progress and benefit from lessons learned. The UK roll-out will take place in Bristol and IP Performance are working closely with Bristol City Council, Toshiba Research Labs and local community organisations, who are currently identifying the social housing and tenants who will participate in the project.

IP Performance are contributing to many aspects of the project, but their primary area of expertise is in the delivery of data (in this case energy data) through wired and wireless networks. The raw energy data is transported from the social housing to central servers in the City where the data is processed and then returned to the tenants in the form of a graphical interface that displays each home's energy consumption.

The IPP team is led by Paul White (Project Manager) and Dr Alan Holt , who is a recognised and published expert in wireless communications.

"We are very excited now that the project is about to get underway in the UK", comments Paul. "Up until now most of the activity has been in Spain and Germany, and we have learnt much from our consortium partners in Europe. However, now it is our turn and the challenge will be to build on the good work carried out so far and to roll out the technology in the UK. We expect to be very busy over the next 6 -12 months."

For further information, please contact, visit or phone 01275 393382.

The 3e-Houses project is partially funded by the Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme within the EU´s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. The objective is to integrate customers in the energy system using IT, allowing them to develop and improve their relationship with the utility company and the power grid. In the first phase, this will be done by testing in various public housing buildings the interaction between smart devices and users in order to increase awareness about energy consumption and to change their energy usage habits. The project includes a second phase to implement measures for action/regulation/control in order to obtain consumption savings. One of the project´s overall objectives is for technological transfer through replication and distribution of results.

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"IP Performance enabled us to trial the system in a test environment and then between Dubai and Edinburgh. They provided us with full support and fast response to any problems."

Gavin Wilson, Systems Development Manager, Heriot Watt University

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